End to End Resource Management in Metacomputers


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Table of Contents

End to End Resource Management in Metacomputers

Project Impact - Concepts and Theory

Project Impact - Systems

The Cost-Benefit Framework

Framework Interface

The Framework in Action

Enhancing Static Systems (sim.)

Enhancing Dynamic Systems (sim.)

Enhancing Static Systems (real cluster)

The importance of one smart decision Mosix vs EPVM (real cluster)

Extension: Incomplete resource requirements a-priori knowledge

Differential PVM versus PVM and EPVM

Extension: Real Time

From Theory to Practice

Real Time Results

How general is the framework? Managing a web farm

Our Backhand Concept

Backhand in Action

Backhand Status

Author: Yair Amir

Email: yairamir@cs.jhu.edu

Home Page: http://www.cnds.jhu.edu/funding/quorum

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End to End Resource Management for Metacomputers